How to use DemTalk

DemTalk contains no technical or overly-complex language – it is intended to be used by, and to be useful to, anyone who needs it.

It doesn’t put forward concrete ‘rules’, but instead it tries to offer ideas and suggestions based on the shared experiences of others.

The toolkit provides strategies to help people keep control of their lives by expressing themselves. It is important to realise that people living with dementia are individuals first and sufferers second.

Even the best suggestions won’t always work with everyone – so the best advice of all is to respect people’s individuality. Ignore the toolkit’s guidance where it isn’t helpful for you and be prepared to find ways of managing that suit your own experiences.

What the authors most want is for people living with dementia to be able to communicate more effectively, to have more choices and to enjoy themselves, their friends and the world more as a result. They – and we – deserve it.