Our Impact

We have had nearly 13,000 DemTalk users since we launched in 2013, and the benefits of our dementia communication toolkit are being felt around the world. 

Below is some feedback DemTalk users have left after succusfully using the toolkit and guidance.

"DemTalk, A tool kit for communication and dementia is very helpful."

"One sentence that really struck me was that people with dementia are. 'Individuals first, sufferers second'."

"The toolkit DemTalk is well worth downloading."

"A big thanks to everyone for the wonderful sharings and to the educators for providing us this opportunity to learn."

"Patience and respect are so important when communicating with anyone, but especially people with dementia. DemTalk is a very useful toolkit for both family and 'professional' carers."

"...wonderful... hit the mark. I will be using them to train staff. Thank you and God bless from Canada!"
"DemTalk's view of communication as caring is such a lovely way of looking at it and that communication isn't just chatting but is acknowledging someone as a person. The lovely description of 'a commitment to uncovering meaning'."

"I will be recommending it to service users at work who may find it useful as well as sharing with other colleagues."

"Very helpful, and thanks for DemTalk this is exactly the sort of help and advice I came to the course for!"

"I really respond to the 'commitment to meaning' idea. Carers I meet sometimes find it surprisingly difficult to look for meaning in actions and words."

"The stories were good - to get others' perspectives and experiences, this is really helpful to me."